Starbucks Goodies

       Over the years I have discovered that being addicted to Starbucks coffee has its perks. While browsing the web I came across a random website that stated if you buy a blended frappuccino from Starbucks you get a free 10 song summer mix. Needing verification I went to the Starbucks website and sure enough it was true. Being the music obsessed coffee addicted individual that I am I made it a point on my way home the other day to quench my thirst and retrieve my free summer playlist. When I arrived at Starbucks and placed my order I asked about the freebie and the barista was so  kind. She enthusiastically offered me my free playlist. With my low fat mocha frappuccino in hand I was on my way home to quickly download my new tunes. There is lots of fun music on this cd! With artists such as Cold War Kids and the Airborne Toxic Event you can jam out to your heart’s content. Personally, I am a huge fan of singing in the car.  Check out this freebie here.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes Starbucks has more to offer than just coffee and misc. foods. 


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