You want me to bend how?


  In January I started training for a 15K. The plan required 3 days of cross training per week. I did some biking but wanted something different and couldn’t go swimming as it was freezing outside. A friend of mine told me about a free yoga class offered at Lululemon on Sunday mornings. I thought we should give it a try. I had always heard amazing things about yoga. I imagined it would be simple stretching exercises. In my ignorant mind I thought that it would be beyond easy for someone like me who is a runner and does 60 sit ups, squats and lunges in 30 minutes. Talk about stupid! Yoga kicked my butt that day and also changed me in a huge way.

          During this time I was beyond stressed out with my job. Some might say I was depressed. I exercised consistently which definitely helps take some of the tension away. However, that day the yoga instructor gave me exactly I needed. She told me to breathe. She taught everyone how to concentrate on their breath. She also told us to bend our bodies in all different poses. When you are unfamiliar with yoga and you are instructed to go into downward facing dog pose you think, “You want me to do what?” I have not studied the history of yoga enough to understand the origins of the poses. After my first yoga class my whole body and mind felt so at peace and relaxed. My mind especially. Running helps to release some stress but I still find that while I am running my mind will drift off and start thinking about work related issues. However, yoga requires so much focus that my mind stays clear of any negativity. Since then, I have been doing yoga consistently throughout each week. I can’t get enough. My mind, body and soul require yoga. I am still a novice at best and have much to learn but that just makes yoga more fun. If you have never been to Lulumon check it out. Everyone there is so kind and enthusiastic. They encourage you to reach for the stars and obtain your goals.

Lesson Learned: Yoga is vital for my mind, body, and soul to strive in life.


3 thoughts on “You want me to bend how?

  1. Thanks for your awesome comment and checking out my blog! Yoga is the one thing I can’t live without! The mind and body connection is extremely important, especially if you run! The arm poses are so challenging, I love it. There are so many styles out there too that you will come across. Good luck and have fun with it!!

  2. I enjoy reading your blog! You have such a diverse range of interests, all interesting! I feel like I’m sitting with you as you tell a story.

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