Writing a Book


          Every year an English teacher I work with, Ms. Magish, has her students complete an end of the year project where they must write their own book containing 6 pages of text and 6 pages of illustrations. The kids love this project and it is so interesting to watch their creative juices flow all over the classroom. The book kits are eventually mailed off and the books come back printed with hard covers. Very cool!

       So this year the kids helped me start a book of my own. Mine was not a fairy tale but still beyond amazing if I do say so myself. I do not consider myself a writer by any means. I prefer to have a paint brush in my hand rather than a pen. However, writing a book even though short has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I had a ton of help from Ms. Magish and my boyfriend. Both of them are far better writers and Wes has a way with technology that I can’t comprehend.

I immediately decided that I wanted to write about something to do with my family history, specifically my dad’s side. My students really helped me get started. The book is a dreamscape where I meet my great grandparents, grandparents, my father as a young boy, and then my father as a young man while being consistently warped through time. I did a lot of research on the history of the Caribbean and also used a family tree book that my father has. In the book I included pictures from my research. It ended up being almost 20 pages. It is titled, “Journey Through Generations.”

I dedicated the book to my father and gave it to him for father’s day. He was quite surprised as he had no idea what I was up to. I received the hard cover printed book almost a month before father’s day and it was killing me not to give it to my dad! Now, he has read it and loves it.

There is nothing more important than knowing where you come from. I was sad to her how many of my students know absolutely nothing about their family. Someone can take away all my material belongings but no one can ever take away my knowledge  and pride about who and where I come from.Click on the link below to read my book.

Journey Through Generations

Lesson Learned: Write heaps more. It is rewarding and fun.


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