Let’s Do That Again!

It turns out that mopeds are heaps and heaps of exciting fun! One of Wes’s friends collects mopeds and taught me how to drive one which by the way does not require any extensive training but I needed a bit of guidance. ” Balance your feet on the pedals, pull back to go forward, and push forward and clamp on the breaks to stop.” Then, you’re off! Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! Now, it’s not like they go 80 mph or anything, but they go a heck of a lot faster than any bicycle and you don’t have to pedal.  I was pretty nervous at first but after a few minutes I thought mopedding was beyond cool as my crazy curly hair was flapping in the wind. Weeeeeeeee!

Six of us sped off on mopeds around the neighborhood. We drove to Vito’s where we practiced some fine dining and ate delicious Italian food that left us with the most obnoxious garlic breath known to man. When we finished our dinner, we walked outside to dark gray skies sprinkling with rain. Fortunately, we were not far from home  and it wasn’t pouring so we decided to get on the mopeds and bravely head back to the house. First of all, I haven’t learned how to start the moped on my own because it requires a certain amount of power that I haven’t learned just yet and second, when I did take off in the rain I gave it a little too much gas and almost ran into a couple of cars in the parking lot. Thirdly, when I tried to stop and avoid the parked cars I fell over. Not to worry though because I was not hurt in the least bit. It was more nerve wrecking than anything. I recovered quickly and was on my way. We all made it home from our adventure  safely and I have lived to tell the story.

Overall my first moped experience was a positively fantastic experience. I want to do it again and again.

Lesson Learned: Mopeds are easy and beyond fun to drive. 


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