Hit the Trails Running

Trail running is a hardcore adventure! Recently, I was inspired when I read an interesting article on Active.com about trail running.  I have never ran on any trails and am always open to new places to go running because it gets pretty boring consistently going along the same route near the house. Usually, the beach is my most favorite place to go but sometimes it is just too crowded. So today I decided to go explore what the nature trails at the University of North Florida had to offer.

I chose to run along the Goldenrod Trail as it was the longest at 2.8 miles. I also chose to run it in the middle of the day when it is 100 degrees outside. Whew! Good news is that most of the trail is shaded by heaps of gorgeous nature. The shade still didn’t stop me from sweating a quarter of my body weight.

I did take a number of the tips into consideration from the article I read. For example, I jumped over obstacles and really did try to plan my moves before I came to “bumps” in the road but that was a little difficult, but a fun challenge. Before going I read the trail map carefully. While running I analyzed trail markings and landmarks which actually caused me to stop frequently because I was so unfamiliar with the area. I definitely felt like a kid again! I was running and jumping all over the place, ducking away from a branch here and there. These trails are a little taste of the relaxing feel you get when you are in the middle of nowhere. I felt as though I was receiving a big bear hug from nature while completing my workout. Towards the end I couldn’t help but throw up my hands because I felt so liberated. It was refreshing not to have any speeding cars or strange people around me.

Lesson Learned: Trail running makes for a fun and adventurous workout. 


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