Vitamin Lover

What do you know about vitamins?

Have you ever taken vitamins?

Did you see an improvement in your health?

When I was little my father used to make me take Flinstones vitamins which tasted so disgusting I gagged every time I took one. Sometimes when he wasn’t looking I would spit them out because the taste in my mouth was so horrible I wanted to throw up. Yuck! My father learned about the benefits of vitamins from his mother, my grandmother, who preached about the advantages they had. Only now, after 20 years, do I actually understand why my father and grandmother wanted me to take those icky things.

Five years ago I still would have turned my nose up to the thought of taking any vitamin but now I have a pill organizer to hold my vitamins for the week. Yes, like an old lady I utilize a pill organizer. Personally, I prefer the term vitamin container. After having serious health problems and being extremely scared about my health I did the only thing I knew how to do. Research everything about what was going on with me and try to find ways to change the way I was living. I would spend 2-3 hours sitting at the computer researching studies on women’s health and ways to prevent all kinds of health issues.

However, with the support of loving people and some smart research I found ways to change my lifestyle and here I am healthy as can be. I have not even had so much as a cold in almost three years and I am certain I owe most of that bliss to green tea. In my research I found that green tea was the best antioxident any human could consume. I take 3 green tea pills a day because realistically I know I am not going to drink green tea all day long. Click here to read research about the advantages of green tea.

Aside from green tea I also take one vitamin E a day and a multivitamin. So I am taking 4 pills a day. Yes, my father is so proud of his daughter. I can feel a huge difference in my body. My doctor would recommended that I take a multivitamin every time I saw her. However, I am as stubborn as a bull and so it took me a few years and a health scare to actually follow the advice of a licensed doctor. Retarded, I know. The good news is she was right, my father was right, and my grandmother was right. Listen to your elders, people! They know stuff.

Now, I am not saying that vitamins are miracle pills and I don’t believe that they will cure me of any sickness. However, I can tell the difference in my energy level and immune system. They may not be the cure all to any sickness but they certainly help prevent many types of ailments. Furthermore, when I made that lifestyle change I didn’t only start taking vitamins. I started working out consistently (i.e. running, yoga, etc.) and eating properly. I love my greens! I have essentially become a “health nut” and am proud of it.

These following websites have heaps of helpful information.

1. Why take supplemental vitamins?

2. Why should I take a vitamin for my health?

3. WebMD’s vitamins and supplements lifestyle guide

4. Vitamins and You : This website will explain what is best for you based on your sex and age.

5. One A Day : You choose your sex, age, and health benefits and their system will tell you which vitamin is best.

Lesson Learned: Vitamins are not the enemy. They are good for your body. Take them consistently along with exercising regularly and eating well and you will feel healthy. It’s ok to sneak in something chocolate related here and there too.  =)


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