Biker Babe

I used to own a bicycle that I used a few times in ten years. It was out of site and out of mind, hidden in the storage closet on my balcony. I had a bike rack someone gave me that I never used and never tried to use because I didn’t know the first thing about bike racks.

When I met my boyfriend he raved about biking and had three bikes in his garage along with bike computers, professional bike shorts, helmets, and gloves. I was pretty surprised as I had never met such a professional biko before. However, I was quite intrigued by his hobby and was all about going for a bike ride when he suggested it.

It had been years since I had sat my butt on a bicycle. When I was little my dad taught me how to ride a bike on the dirt road in front of our house and we went biking around the beaches area or to the corner store. When I was in my early teens my friend, Erin, and I rode all the time. Mostly, we went back and forth between each other’s neighborhoods but spent hours going here and there and having a blast as only thirteen-year-olds can do.


So, it turns out you never do forget how to ride a bike. Since our first bike ride Wes and I have gone on biking adventures all over the place. However, these are not cute little bike rides to the corner store and back. He had me going on bike rides I didn’t know I could accomplish. We never went on a bike ride that was less than 10 miles. The average biking adventure was fifteen miles. 

Then, on our anniversary Wes surprised me with my very own shiny new bicycle. Yes, he’s awesome!  He also made sure he set me up with all the accessories such as lights in back and front, a water bottle with holder attached to the bike, and my very own bell. Ding, Ding! Let’s go! After a test ride I realized I needed to get gloves and some bike shorts. Ok. Check. Now, let’s go.

The first place Wes took me to was Hanna Park to hit the bike trails, which normally while he rode I went running on the beach. I looked quite goofy and clueless even with my professional bike and gear. Biking the trails is no joke! This is really hardcore. It takes all of your energy and every muscle to maneuver around the trails on your bike. I quickly realized that the trails were not for me. I prefer to be out on the open road where the breeze is hitting me in the face.


I continued to have many more memorable bike adventures. Come November would be the biggest one yet. Wes and I decided to bike in a charity event called Bike with Donna. The money raised from the event each year goes to cancer research. We had run in many races but had never participated in an event like this. It is a 26 mile ride which includes two huge bridges. Wes and I completed numerous practice rides over bridges to prepare ourselves. He taught me the science of gear shifting. We both completed the Bike With Donna event and had a blast. It was a huge accomplishment and riding through that finish line was very rewarding. I can’t wait to “Bike with Donna” again in November.

Thanks to Wes I love biking!  We have taken the bikes everywhere from Jekyll Island to the Florida Keys. Also, he eventually helped me take the old rotting bike out of my storage closet to the dumpster. Recently, I realized that a road bike would suit me better. I love the bike Wes gave me, but I think selling it and getting a road bike is a good move. Wes, being the bike expert that he is, helped me pick out the perfect bike for me, the K2 T-Nine Echo 2.0 Hybrid. How fancy am I? Oh, and he found it on sale! I said, “I can’t think of a reason not to get it. It was $80 off.  Anyone want to buy a pretty mountain bike?





Lesson Learned: Wes said something to me last night that made me realize why biking is so enjoyable. He said, ” It is the perfect pace to see the world.” This is so true! 




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