Independence Day

Happy birthday, U.S.A. and thanks for letting me and my family hang with you all these years. I have been living in the U.S. for over twenty years now and have celebrated July 4th on several occasions. I have recently inquired about becoming a U.S  Citizen which is probably long over due. Most people who know me might say that I am “Americanized.” Yesterday could not have been better. Wes and I spent some relaxing time at the beach playing in the waves. Then, we headed over to the parental units for a yummy bar-b-q. Finally, we rode our bikes down to the beach to see the fireworks which were phenomenal to say the least. It was a joyous day! I especially enjoyed watching the thousands of people in the streets with their flags and red, white, and blue attire.

I may not think of myself as an American, but I definitely have a lot of respect for this country and the tremendous efforts that  its forefathers made to achieve independence. At one point Wes made a comment about how happy he was to be a part of this country. As he did a little impromptu research on his phone about America’s history I thought to myself: How many people have done this today? How many people have stopped for a second to talk about the significance of this day? Why is this holiday celebrated with fireworks? Why on July 4th? The answers to these questions are but a tiny stitch in the rich tapestry that is America’s history.

I challenge you to read about the birth of The United States. Read about what it took to stand up against oppressors and fight for independence. My hope is that Americans who learn about their homeland will find more to agree on than disagree on. A country is most powerful when its people are united. How do you think the Patriots won the Revolutionary War? They certainly didn’t have the skills or supplies.

I salute the brave men and women who fought and continue to fight for freedom in this great country.

PS: Canada Rules! 🙂

Lesson Learned: History gets a bad wrap. It is far from boring, and it’s imperative so that we don’t make the same mistakes twice.


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