Not a Bucket List

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I read a motivating blog post recently that I thought was inspiring. The post was all about making a summer bucket list. I decided that this was a splendid idea and that I needed to make one immediately. However, I was not fond of the term “bucket list” seeing as it is related to death. So, I made another name for my list: Aspire Before Summer Expires. I know this is a longer name and probably not as catchy but at least it doesn’t make me think about dying. I must satisfy everything on my list by September 23rd, seeing as that is when summer ends.

I CAN DO IT ALL! (with the help of my loving man)

Aspire Before Summer Expires

  1. Make an abstract painting with Wes
  2. Go to the zoo
  3. Go to the CummerArt Museum
  4. Go to an Art Walk downtown or at the beach
  5. Paint a Day of the Dead skull
  6. Consistently update blog
  7. buy Tom’s shoes
  8. Run lots and lots
  9. Register and finish the Tour de Pain
  10. Do yoga twice a week
  11. Do heaps of bicycling
  12. Go to Jax. Bch. Jazz series at least once
  13. St. Augustine day trip
  14. Buy a kayak and use it!
  15. picnic in the park
  16. fall asleep in the grass without a care in the world
  17. Go to Ginnie Springs and float down the river
  18. Have lunch at the French Pantry
  19. Make yummy smoothies
  20. play a new board game
  21. try a new type of food and drink
  22. cause a public distraction
  23. Go to the beach, relax, and draw something in the sand
  24. Bake something new and yummy
  25. Try to cook something that requires bisquick
  26. Go on a hike and take photos
  27. Dance in the rain (pending on Mother Nature)
  28. Read more than one book
  29. Find a summer theme song
  30. Blow bubbles
  31. Make a wish and write it down.
  32. Go geocaching
  33. Draw on my driveway with chalk
  34. Have dessert and coffee at JJ’s Paris Bistro
  35. Make a summer movie
Lesson Learned: Making lists is heaps of fun and has a positive effect on my life. 

7 thoughts on “Not a Bucket List

  1. Hey Schmellie my doll! What is geocaching? I know I can just google it, but it’s more fun to ask you! I miss you!

    • Geocaching is like going on a treasure hunt except you won’t find any gold and you don’t take the treasure home. You use a GPS to find things that other people have hidden. Geocaching is all over the world! It’s quite easy. You make a login and password on their website and then type in your zip code and pick a geocache to look for. There are different levels too. Some are harder than others. I have found 3 in Jacksonville. There have been 2 that I looked for and was unable to find. We counld totally look for one in Ottawa when I come. Woot! When you type in the postal code at the Rideau Centre over 11,000 geocaches show up.

  2. Wow! That’s quite a list. I’m movin’ in with you guys! LOL
    I took Wes on a day trip to St. Augustine once and made him walk all though town and into each store,I believe he acted like I was killing him.
    I just danced in the rain (well,raging thunderstorm) on the boat ,4th of July, we had a total blast!
    Happy Friday! 🙂

  3. Hmmm… I have lots I could add for my summer list. I will have to start writing down my ideas. I will say that I do draw with chalk and blow bubbles regularly. 🙂
    I am most interested in #22. You MUST share the details when that is complete! I have recipes for #25, if you’d like and I want to know where you plan on doing #16 and what you choose for #20.

    Love you-

    PS- i recognize that first photo…

    • I love that referred to everything by number. #22 I will most likely require Wes’s help. Don’t have any ideas yet. I definitely want your recipes/ ideas for #25. I have never cooked with that stuff but it is always yummy whenever and wherever I eat it. #16 I think I will do at the fort in St. Augustine but still not sure. There are pretty shady areas there. #20 I actually just recently played The Game of Things. It was a lot of fun. Next, I just bought Jenga and plan to turn it into Naughty Jenga by writing on the pieces. I got the idea from a friend of mine. Both games are fun to play in groups.

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