I Was Absent That Day

I recently read an NPR article that I wanted to share. Reading it really got my hamster upstairs running. Click here to read the article. What kind of simple things did you not learn until you were an adult but should have know way before. You know those moments when the light comes on and you think, “Really? Why didn’t I know that?”

In this article NPR asks readers to complete the thought: It took me a while to realize…..

Here are my thoughts. Please leave a comment and let me know yours.

It took me a while to realize

1. that a pickle is a cucumber.

2. how to properly use my pronouns.

3. the NBC logo is a peacock.

4. Bob Marley was mixed.

5. that Timbuctu is in fact a real place in Africa. When I was little my mum used to say she would send me there.

Lesson Learned: Everyone learns at their own pace. We don’t judge.  =)


2 thoughts on “I Was Absent That Day

  1. Brave, you are, admitting these things in public. I have a ton of “absences” such as: there can be countries within countries like San Marino, which is surrounded by Italy. That there is a Naval Academy and it is in MD. That my parents were Republican and what that meant. The list goes on and on… No wonder I like to learn new things. They fill in all the gaps!

    Great post.

    • You just reminded me about countries in a country. I didn’t know until I was an adult that Wales, Northern Ireland, and England were all countries in Great Britain. So confusing!

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