Training Commencement

Ready, set, go!

On Monday myself, Wes, and a few other of our good friends will start training for the Marine Corps 1/2 Marathon which is on October 1st.

I am using Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training: Novice. The last training plan I used was Hal Higdon’s 15K Training Guide to train for the Gate River Run. I stuck to the plan and some how managed to get through the finish line. To this day I have absolutely no clue how I pulled it off. I do remember giving my legs a pep talk when we got to the Hart Bridge ( a.k.a. Green Monster). All I know is running through that finish line sent me on a high that I will never forget. I was beyond ecstatic. While training, my friends and I formed our own little runners group so to speak. We ran with one another as well as encouraged each other all the time. When we ran separately we texted each other about our accomplishment and sent encouraging messages to each other. We were so proud of ourselves that we started to plan our next feat. The next level would have to be a half marathon. To prepare for training Wes and I have been running a few 5K’s per week around our neighborhood. This is extremely difficult considering it’s summer in Florida. You have to run before 9am or after 7pm. Otherwise you might collapse from heat exhaustion. Whew! I have been considering buying a water bottle belt or a hydration pack. These temperatures are too hot to handle.

How will I prepare to get started? Reading and learning.

Get your Runner’s World Magazine! Half Marathon Special!

There is all kinds of interesting stuff in this issue such as a training plan, summer survival tips, and even meal advice. I am all about food. My favorite snack right now is Emerald Sweet and Salty mixed nuts blend with dark chocolate and peanut butter. YUM! Coming in second place is carrots and red pepper hummus. Chocolate anything will always be number one.

How will I stay motivated? Reading and learning.

1. Read the book: Sole Sisters – Stories of Women and Running (This book was very inspiring while training for the River Run)

2. Communicate with other friends that are running.

3. Read blogs about other amazing runners. – Carrots ‘N’ Cake & Mind, Motion, and Matter

4. Remember that running is a gift. I will always remember what life was like when I tore my ACL and had to have surgery.

5. Remember why I run.

What motivates you?

Find your power song! At the moment mine is Rolling in the Deep by Adele.

Here are two motivating videos about running. One is for a charity and the other is for running in general. They are both brilliant.

LESSON LEARNED: There is no doubt this will be hard but from what I learned if you set your mind and heart to something you can conquer it.  We will do this!


7 thoughts on “Training Commencement

  1. Amazing! So inspiring! Good luck with your training. Sounds like you’re on the right track. I tried to get into running last summer, but my knees didn’t seem to like it. I know I just have to warm up properly, start slow, build up and have very cushioned and supportive shoes. I might give it another try one of these days…

    “Rolling in the Deep” is one of my power songs, too! It gets me moving like nobody’s business!

  2. I am so proud of you! I wish I could run with you. Your support groups sound fantastic and motivating. Let me know how things go with the race. When we move back to the states you had better believe we will be racing together.

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