Let Them Eat Chocolate

Yes, that is a chocolate fountain.

Why do you enjoy exercise? I enjoy exercise because I get to eat afterwards. I love food. I hear some people talk about how stressed they are about dieting. If you have developed a hatred for food then I feel sorry for you. Eating should be fun. You need two things to enjoy food: education and self discipline. Educate yourself about what’s healthy and what’s not. Have fun experimenting with new recipes. Finally, practice self discipline. You don’t have to eat everything that is in front of you and when you cook at home you are in control of the portions. Less is more!

So far training for the half marathon is going well. There’s just one small problem at the moment. I am on vacation until August 15th. I am doing all sorts of fun things and going to all kinds of fun places with various yummy foods. Normally, while I am working I have a strict diet. I have cereal or yogurt for breakfast and then an apple before the students arrive. At noon I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (yes, everyday). After the students leave I have a banana. Finally, dinner is always diverse and delicious.

Lately, I have been eating all kinds of yummy cheeses on sandwiches. Oh how I love cheese. Except blue cheese. Gag! I have been eating cakes and cookies. I can’t say no to cookies. Normally I keep none of this stuff in my house except for maybe one box of cookies. I usually allow myself one cookie after dinner. Have you had a milano? Yum! Oh, and did I mention vino? Oh my! Wes went out of town yesterday and has left me in the house with a box of chocolate chip cookies, pineapple upside down cake, milanos, and a massive piece of chocolate cake. Oh the pressure. I have been slowly picking away at each item.

Ok. I realized that the food vacation has to end. After all, I am training for a half marathon. So I have been doing some research on runners’ diets. I was not surprised at most of the things I read. Protein and carbs are your best friends when you’re a runner. Some people may think that if you’re working out as much as I am that you can eat whatever you want. This is not the case seeing as I am trying to build muscle and stamina. So, what can I eat? A lot of yummy stuff! It’s better I tell you what I can’t eat. Unfortunately, cheese is not at the top of the runner’s diet. It’s ok because there is one thing that is good for runners that delighted me to read about. Chocoalte! Dark chocolate to be precise.

I am a chocoholic to say the least. Immediately I thought, “Is it too good to be true? I had heard something a while ago about chocolate having health benefits. I have done quite a bit of research.

1. Is Chocolate Really Good For You?

2. The Healthiest Chocolate For Runners

3. What Are These Flavonoids?

4. The Best Foods For Runners

Yes, these flavonoids are an antioxident found in chocolate. Apparently they are also found in wine. Score! You can get your dose of flavonoids by eating broccoli and onions but wouldn’t you rather have chocolate and wine? In all seriousness this new information does not mean one should live off chocolate and wine. It just means that even though I am training for a half marathon I can still have some things that I didn’t realize were ok to have. I can have one small square of dark chocolate and one glass of wine with dinner. Tonight I made a pasta dinner with chicken, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms. I topped it off with a balsamic dressing. I drank a glass of bold red wine. After dinner, I had one square of Ghirardelli dark chocolate (86% cocoa). Yum!

Lesson Learned: Dark chocolate in moderation is healthy for runners. Woot!


4 thoughts on “Let Them Eat Chocolate

  1. I have been eating dark chocolate for years….knew before the studies were made that it was good for the heart. Had a student to walk by and sniff the air and say “You’ve been taking your heart medicine again.” Keep a supply in my desk just in case I need it with these middle schoolers. Have also convinced my students that I get my daily serving of fruits and vegetables when I have a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream…vanilla bean and chocolate from the cocoa fruit. My bad.

    • Ha ha heart medicine. I love your ice cream logic! Brilliant. A couple years ago my last period of the day knew that if they gave me a piece of chocolate at the beginning of the period I would be much more relaxed. I think I received chocolate from them every other day. =)

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