Bit by the Pavement


Ugh! It was bound to happen at some point.

The training schedule called for a 5 mi. run. I arrived home at 5:45 after a long and grueling day of work. To no surprise Wes was still hard at work. I was exhausted but at the same time a run sounded refreshing in my mind. I got ready and left for my run. Unfortunately, Wes had a deadline and had to work a little longer so he left shortly after me for his run. I told him I would get dinner ready when I got back so that by the time he returned we could sit and chow down. This is when I really could have used that crystal ball. My run was going great. I was grooving to the tunes on my iPod and feeling good. There is a small part of the route where the sidewalk is very awkward. The sidewalk blocks are not level and on top of that they slant. I was only a mile from completing my run when I tripped and fell to the ground. I sat there for approximately 30 seconds and was in a little shock and then got up with my bloody hands, knees, and arm and finished my run. I stood up and figured I just have a mile to go so I might as well run it. Nothing was broken so I ran. Everything was hurting. OUCH! I realized I must have looked like quite the bloody idiot (literally) as I waved hello at other people walking on the sidewalk. I ran inside and put peroxide on my wounds. I didn’t realize how much first aid supplies we have in his until I got hurt and needed them. We are fully prepared! About 15 minutes after I returned home Wes arrived. Of course I was a mess and dinner was not ready. Being incredible man that he is he told me to go take care of myself and he whipped us up a divine dinner of pork chops, carrots, cornbread stuffing, and St. Hubert’s gravy. It was beyond yummy. My experience has only made me realize how important it is that I get a Road ID. I will be buying one ASAP!


I have quite the bump on my right knee and my left arm really hurts, but I am going to live! I am really looking forward to the Wounded Warrior Project 8K on Sunday. I am “strong like bull.”

Lesson Learned: Buy a Road ID because it is necessary for your safety no matter what sport you are practicing. 



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