Never Too Old For Halloween

When I was little Halloween was a fun filled event where I got to dress up in clothes that I wasn’t aloud to wear out in public on a regular day. Plus, I got to walk around the neighborhood and receive free candy from as many people as possible. Flash forward to the present. Halloween is still fun filled but I pay for the candy and attend a costume party with friends.

Yes, that’s me!

Last year Wes taught me how to celebrate Halloween to the fullest. We dressed up and made food for the guests. We made eerie eyeballs, intestines (chicken tenders wrapped with croissant dough and baked), fingers, monster munch, booger dip, etc. We went all out. Halloween is Wes’s favorite time of year.

Two days after the party, on October 31st, we ran in the Pumpkin Run. Whew! We were still recovering from the party but had a blast running a muck around a cemetery. The pumpkin run was a 5K race.

This year Wes and I decided to visit Universal Studios for Halloween Horror Nights, which was awesome! Universal does an amazing job at creating haunted houses and they do an incredible job at making my heart pump faster than normal. The staff in the park do an excellent job at scaring the public. The best show we saw was Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The actors were brilliant!

A couple weeks after we went to Halloween Horror Nights we went a friends house for a “Zombie Outbreak Party.” I made monster munch again. Other people made yummy food like fingers and mummy pizzas. The costumes were phenomenal as usual. There was kareoke for those who had the nerve. I am not one of them but I will say that my heart melts when I hear my man sing “Baby Got Back.”



One thought on “Never Too Old For Halloween

  1. Aww yeah! Halloween is the greatest! I’m going to start working on my design for pumpkin carving next year.. Only 11 months left to prepare! 🙂

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