Thankful Then and Now

When I was 5 if you asked me what I was thankful for I probably would have said my Barbie collection. It was awesome!

When I was 10 I probably would have said I can’t live without my Game Boy and my walkman. Oh how I was obsessed with playing that the Game Boy and listening to New Kids on the Block on the walkman.

At 16 if you asked me what I was thankful for I probably  would have acted like a snotty teenager and ignored you. Joking! I wasn’t that bad. Seriously, I probably would have said I was thankful for my friends and family. I most likely would have added my sketchbook and photos to that response too.

At 21 I still would have said I was thankful for my friends and family, but I probably would have added that I was thankful to be alive. Additionally, I would have added receiving a high school diploma and living in warm Florida.

Lesson Learned: At 28 I have learned to be thankful for so many things. I am thankful that I have successfully matured in a way which I can appreciate ALL the things that come with life, the good and the bad. Over the years I have learned the value of friends and family as well as the value of my own life. I am thankful that I am surrounded by friends and family who love me. Below is my 2011 List of things I am thankful for in addition to my already amazing friends and family. May everyone have a beautiful holiday season filled with peace and prosperity. May you enjoy all kinds of yummy food guilt free  and share the company of those whom you love and love you. After you have read the list enjoy Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song. It’s too funny!

1. Lunch: I love making lunch at home or going out because it is rare I get to do it.

2. My legs: Running empowers me and makes me strong mentally and physically.

3. My health: Through my own experiences as well as others’ I have come to understand why my grandmother always said I need to take my vitamins.

4. Food! I love to bake it, fry it, mix it, and taste it. Yum!

5. Cocoa Bean: I can admit I have an addiction. I am a chocoholic. Chocolate will forever bring me joy.

6. My brain: It allows me to continue to function. Perhaps it’s not always efficient at remembering things but overall it does the job.

7. Board games: My mom used to play board games with me when I was little and now Wes and I play them too. It’s important to have fun even if Wes beats me every times. He is a Scrabble genius!

8. Books: They have given me the knowledge I need to survive.

9. Internet: What did we do before the internet?

10. Music: It motivates me, empowers me, makes me mellow, and brings my friends and family together.

11. Paint brushes and oil paints: Making art brings me peace.

12. Government loans: Without them I would not be able to study for my Master’s

13. Bank loans: Without them I wouldn’t have a car.

14. Cameras: “Memories are the mother of all wisdom.”

15. Video Cameras: Without them I wouldn’t be able to see my grandmothers’ smiles whenever I want.

16. Teachers: They are amazing individuals and without them I wouldn’t be able to read my books or count the money in my wallet.

17. Dive gear: Without it I would never have been able to get face to face with the greatest sea animal, the shark.

18. Planes: Without them I wouldn’t be able to travel. What a tragedy that would be.

19. Coffee bean: Thankful for the boost every day.

20. My bed: Never did I imagine valuing my bed as much as I do, but I am truly grateful to have it to sleep on.

21. Grapes: Cheers!

22.  I am thankful for all the hard times because they have helped me to be a better person.

23. Culture: It has made me who I am.


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