One Down!

One semester down and only six more to go. Whew! My future is looking bright.

Three years ago I decided that I wanted to get a master’s degree. It is is easy to say I want to go back to school. It is not easy to decide what to study, where to study, how to get the money, and what kind of job you want in the future. For months I conducted a ton of research. My passion lies in culture and education; hence the reason I majored in social science education for my undergrad. I went to U.S. News and World Report to do some research on schools among heaps of various websites.

Eventually, I found a degree program I was interested in. Drexel’s Masters of Science in Global and International Education program was at the top of my list. There was no where locally (Jax. , FL) that offered this type of program. Luckily Drexel’s program is all online! I don’t have to set foot in Philadelphia. Now that I had decided on the program it was time to look at the application process. How do I get in? Well, I needed a couple of reference letters, a statement of purpose, resume, a completed application form, transcripts from my undergrad, and finally my GRE scores. GRE what? I researched all about this GRE test. It has 3 sections: a verbal, essay, and math. It turns out I could take this test at a local university. I studied for 5 months! I despise this test. It was not an enjoyable process. Why do I need to know the words, fervid or adumbrate to apply to university?! Muh. I completed the test and eventually received my results in the mail. Let’s just say I am not Harvard material, but I am apparently Drexel worthy. I was accepted. Woot! Next step: How do I afford this?


My father generously paid for my undergrad degree. It is now my responsibility to pay for my master’s. This is where student loans come in handy. Applying for a loan is also another one those exciting processes. Anyway, I got through EVERY step and was approved for a loan. Fabulous! Now, I was ready to spend some of that loan money and register for classes.


My plan of study:

Term Course


Fall 1 EDGI 500 Introduction to Global, Intl, and Comparative Ed.EDGI 504 The History and Theory of Comparative Education



Winter 1 EDGI 514 Education and National DevelopmentEDGI 510 Culture, Society and Education in Comparative Ed.



Spring 1 EDGI 512 Global and Educational ChangeEDGI 520 Comparative Economics of Education



Summer 1 Secondary Concentration CourseEDGI 518 Analysis of Policy in Global, Intl. and Comparative Ed



Fall 2 EDGI 506 Comparative Higher Education SystemsEDGI 502 Global, Intl., and Comparative Education IIAlternative: EDHE 680 Foundations of Evaluation



Winter 2 EDGI 508 Understanding Rsrch in Global, Intl. & Comparative EdSecondary Concentration Course



Spring 2 Secondary Concentration CourseEDGI 715 Capstone: Global & Intl Co-op with Portfolio



Summer 2 EDGI 716 Capstone: Global & Intl Co-op with Portfolio


This semester I have read heaps and know a lot more than when I started. Dr. Seuss is so wise. I must admit that starting out this semester I was highly stressed. This is an understatement! Wes was beyond patient and helpful throughout my whole semester. In the first two weeks I considered dropping out, thinking there was no way I could balance work and school. I cried a lot and carried on because I want this degree more than anything. I stayed up after midnight on numerous occasions and did tons of assigned as well as unassigned research on my own about various topics just because I wanted so that I would have as good of an understanding as possible about issues  I was required to post about. Yes, I am an overachiever! I found all the readings, videos, etc. incredibly interesting and enlightening. This semester also made me realize how incredibly ignorant I was about so many global issues. Managing my time was most difficult and something only I could figure out how to handle.  When and how one completes their work is different for everyone. I am enrolled in classes with people living literally all over the world who have all kinds of responsibilities. Sure everything was interesting, but working full time, accomplishing 2-4 different tasks for each class each week, and dealing with whatever miscellaneous distractions that came along was just plain hard. It was not until the 6th week of my ten week classes that I started to figure out how best to manage my time. Better late than never I suppose. I made A’s in both my classes. Woot!

Now, I definitely feel much more confident about next semester and am looking forward to learning all I can. One of the most influential speeches I have heard recently is Steve Jobs’s Stanford Commencement Address. It is very powerful.



4 thoughts on “One Down!

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  2. I just started this same degree program through drexel and I am glad I wasn’t the only one who cried. I am in week two and I am very overwhelmed. I’m glad to have read this artice, made me not feel alone. 🙂

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