Let’s Party!

For the past 4  years now I have belonged to women’s group where I have met and hung out with some awesome ladies. Every December someone hosts a cookie swap party. Who doesn’t love cookies?

December 2008

December 2010

A bunch of us ladies were out to brunch about a month ago and I asked if there was a cookie swap scheduled for this year.   No one had scheduled the event. So I was so excited about the thought of another cookie swap that I volunteered to host the event. I totally didn’t consider that I had never hosted an event at my house before. Sure I have called a restaurant and made reservations. Sure Wes and I have hosted events. However, I had never hosted a party on my own at my house. How hard can it be?

Good Housekeeping Magazine has a helpful video on hosting a cookie swap party. The chef in the video makes the same cookies I made!

I went to Allrecipes for ideas and found everything I needed! Allrecipes has a helpful checklist for hosting a cookie swap party. I decided on at least three types of munchies: carrots and hummus, Wheat Thins and Alouette, and mixed nuts. The party was at two o’clock so I expected that everyone would have eaten lunch by that time. I wanted to make some kind of festive punch. Once again Allrecipes came through. I found a fabulous recipe for a chilled Christmas punch. Click here to see the recipe.

I had my plan. When the day came all I had to do was clean house and bring chairs inside so everyone had a place to sit and eat their cookies. When I looked at the RSVP list it showed 19 people were attending. Whoa! I was immediately nervous because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to accommodate that many people. Breathe, Melanie!

Wait! I almost forgot. I have to make cookies! I planned to make the same cookies I had made at the other cookie swap parties, mini snowball cookies. Of course this recipe can be found on Allrecipes. Click here for the recipe. They turned out better than ever before.

The party turned out to be a success. Nine out of the nineteen people who RSVP’ed showed. That’s ok though. Us ladies had fun eating cookies and chatting. Everyone took home a baggie filled with yummy goodness. I have lots of cookies too from everyone. I am trying to have the self discipline not to eat them all at once. Wes is out of town so I can’t even share! It is such a hard life.  (=

Lesson Learned: I can totally host a party! 



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