Recently, I heard a song that stuck with me, Wait Til You See My Smile by Alicia Keys. Apparently I am late at hearing this gem because it came out over a year ago. Click here to see the inspiring video that caught my attention. Below is Alicia Keys’s music video.

My favorite part of the song

So you’re doing better now

Everybody comes around but you don’t really need ’em’

Cause your stronger and your better and you’re ready for whatever

My Thoughts:

I agree with filmmaker, Matt Phantom, who said the message of the song is empowerment. It is about  one girl’s journey of change, finding strength and becoming empowered. “Become your dream!” This song took me back, back to good times and bad. I thought about what makes me smile. I thought about how  my smile has changed throughout the years. There were a number of years when I didn’t smile at all in photos. Well, maybe a small grin. I remember being told that I needed to smile so my teeth showed in the photo. It’s interesting to look back at photos and you can tell when I was truly happy and when I was not. In some photos it is obvious that even a small grin was forced. My smile was big when I was younger. It went away for a while. Now, it only gets bigger and bigger as time goes on! It really is interesting how much you can tell about a person from a snapshot.  Alicia Keys’s lyrics made me think about what I have to smile about? I decided a long time ago that I refused to be unhappy. Creating this mindset tends to do wonders for any individual. I empowered myself, became happy, and bam! My smile became huge. I have friends and family who love me. I became ran through many finish lines and received medals to show for it. I have traveled the world and met some amazing individuals who have changed my life. I made a career for myself where I actually impact the lives of children. I am now on my way to getting my masters degree. Oh and this is my 30th blog post! We create our own happiness. I am not finished yet either! See the slideshow below of  joyous smiles.

LESSON LEARNED: Keep smiling and make an effort even when you’re down to acknowledge the things you have to smile about. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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