LIFE in 2011

I recently watched the movie, Life in a Day. It is a must see film and brilliantly put together. When director Kevin MacDonald describes the film he says, “I see this film as very much like that,” he continues. “Life in a Day was a wonderful opportunity to hear the voices of ordinary people describing the world as they see it, telling us their fears and loves. I always knew this would say something fascinating about who [we] are as a species and what we value—but I never realized how emotionally affecting the result would be.” Read more about the film here: Life in a Day – About the Production.

Watch Life in a Day on YouTube.

The film was enlightening and made me think about the routines of each and every day as well as the unique things that happen in a day such as new people we meet. One thing is for certain. We must live each and every day to the fullest. Life in a Day also got me thinking about life in a past year. Let’s reflect on 2011 minus the routines. What have you done? What are your most memorable experiences? Did you learn anything? What are your hopes and dreams for 2012 and beyond?

LIFE IN 2011: Lessons learned, etc. See my 2011 slideshow below.

1. January: I started my first runner’s training plan: Hal Higdon’s 15K Training Plan. Training brought about lessons in time management and fitness.

2. February: Wes and I ran the Pirates on the Run 10K. I beat 2010’s time!

3. March: I ran my first 15K!  Training paid off. Wes and I went to Ocklawaha for spring break and had a fabulous kayaking adventure where we hung out with alligators and good friends.

4. April: Ran in the Guns N’ Hoses 5K and realized how quickly your body weakens if you don’t keep up with training. It finally started to feel like summer. Wes and I went the Conch House in St. Augustine with family and friends to listen and dance to Caribbean music. At the end of the month we took an adventurous bike ride around Fort Clinch where we learned a lot of interesting historical information. Then, we head through Fernandina to the Shrimp Festival.

5. May: For my birthday Wes bought me a full body massage! I am so spoiled. Read about my experience in my blog post, A Lesson in Stress Relief. Wes and I found a place to live! Packing commences. We learned a lot about leases, dogs and rentals, etc. I wrote my first book! Read about it here.

6. June: Wes and I successfully move into our new home. Whew! I successfully complete my 5th year of teaching. I learn how to make a blog. Woot!

7. July: I bought a new bike and had a blast using it. Read my blog post here. I painted a Day of the Dead Skull. Wes and I bought kayaks and had some fun adventures in the water. I went on an amazing trip to Washington D.C. where I learned heaps about history and met Lily. Read about Lily here.

8. August: I ran in the Tour de Pain and beat all my times from last year. I went to Canada and had fun times with family and friends. I started my 6th year of teaching. Wes and I went to Ginnie Springs where we tubed down a river.

9. September: I started my first semester with Drexel University studying towards my master’s degree. Read about my first semester here. Ran in the Believe in Heroes 8K.

10. October: I completed my first half marathon! I have never felt so empowered. Ran in the Race for a Cure 5K wearing a pink tutu. For Halloween I was Cat Woman and Wes was the Riddler. We looked awesome!

11. November: Wes and I  biked to Treaty Oak Park, which I had never visited in my 20 years living in Jacksonville. I prefer to think of it as a really well hidden gem. Thanksgiving was beyond enjoyable with the world’s yummiest turkey. The Riverside Wine Festival was also more than fun as always.

12. December: Wes and I hosted our Psuedo Christmas Party and it turned out amazing. We had a 17.5 lb turkey which was yummy along with lots of other amazing food. I hosted a cookie swap party.  Read about my experience here. We had Christmases with our families. It turns out that not having a white Christmas is beautiful. Both of my parents turned 60 this month. Happy Birthday!

2012: I plan to finish 4 semesters with Drexel. I want to continue to stay fit and healthy. Most important, I plan to learn heaps and have loads of fun.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! May 2012 bring you happiness and success. 


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