Table For Two

It has been eons since my last blog post. University has been taking up a lot of my brain power and time. Recently, I finished my finals for my second semester of classes, which was brutal to say the least. Tomorrow starts a new spring quarter with Drexel. Whew!

The in between times have been splendid. Wes and I are a couple of foodies. We love to cook and experiment with new things. In the past month we have discovered how amazing kale and gnocchi are to devour. I am sure we are last on the planet to discover how amazing these two foods are but better late than never. Plus, I learned a little about farming.

First, I randomly bought Gia Russa gnocchi at Publix because while shopping we were handed a dinner recipe that included gnocchi, spinach, and salmon. Wes and I are salmon feins! Plus, the recipe sounded fancy but seemed easy to cook. Click here to check it out: Salmon Puttanesca Over Spinach With Buttered Gnocchi. It turned out so yummy and was easy to cook.

Then, I discovered kale a few weeks ago at a hydroponic farm in St. Augustine. A friend of mine invited me and I was so intrigued I had to go. Of course I knew next to nothing about hydroponics. It was so cool! Check it out by clicking here. I picked strawberries, kale, and cilantro. Additionally, I bought green peppers, squash, and some kind of Chilean red pepper. Everything was delicious. Plus, they had book of printed recipes that you could take home! Oh my! I took a chance with the kale. The only reason I say that is because I have never eaten it or cooked it. I came home and started to devour strawberries. The following day I made kale chips. OMG! I love my greens and these babies are yummy. All it takes is a little salt, olive oil, and 10 min. in a 350 degree oven, and ta da!

Today, Wes and I were in World Market and pumpkin gnocchi by Gia Russa. I know it sounds weird, but we had to try it. Surprinsly, it didn’t taste like pumpkin. I am not too sure how to describe it. It was a little sweet. I mixed it with some Bertolli vodka sauce and it tasted good. Additionally, we had broccoli and garlic Shake N’ Bake pork chops.

The other night I used the vodka sauce to make a chicken pasta dish. Tonight we used the rest of the jar. However, I got to thinking about the sauce. Pasta sauce comes in these large jars with a minimum of 5 servings. What about a jar for 2 people? Don’t get me wrong. I love Italian food, but I also hate wasting food and sometimes it’s annoying having to “figure out” how to use the rest of my sauce, especially if we don’t feel like eating it. After some research I found only one brand with a smaller jar (345 g) of sauce. Bertolli apparently has a gourmet pasta sauce line but it is on an Australian web page and you can’t purchase it. ROAR! Other than that I can’t seem to find a smaller size jar of sauce. Please do let me know if you know of a good brand that sells a small jar of sauce.

Cookbook Idea! 

Recently, I came up with an idea for a couple’s cookbook. How about a cookbook for active couples? The book would contain recipes specifically tailored for two. Additionally, every other page would contain a picture of an activity for couples. For example, on the left side of a page show a picture and info about a cool kayaking spot and on the right side show a recipe for some yummy wraps that the couple can take with them. Wes and I have an active lifestyle and try to eat healthy as well. Sometimes this requires some serious planning. When I have time maybe I will try to make the book idea a reality. Ha! Time? What’s that?

LESSONS LEARNED: Gnocchi and kale are easy to cook and beyond tasty. I love pasta sauce but wish there was a jar containing only 2 servings instead of 5.  


3 thoughts on “Table For Two

  1. You can freeze pasta sauce! Portion out your jar into freezer safe bags then lie flat to freeze. Once frozen you can stand them up to save space in your freezer. Going that route, you can always make your own sauce and can into smaller jars. Super easy to do. Just make friends with people that grow tomatoes. They usually give away as tomato plants grow so many so fast.

    • I picture bags being messy. I am definitely going to start saving jars! Making my own sauce does sound like fun. I wish I had a green thumb like you so I could grow my own tomatoes. Muh! xo

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