I’m Pregnant and I Know It

Obviously when you’re pregnant you don’t feel like the sexiest human being alive. All your clothes don’t fit. Going to the mall is depressing. You feel bloated and icky. You really have to make it a point to look in he mirror and tell yourself you are gorgeous. Wes is very good at telling me I look beautiful in my boxers and old t-shirt when my hair is looking like Medusa’s. Gotta love him.

A year ago LMFAO came out with a song titled, Sexy and I Know It. Earlier this year a mom to be and her hubby created a parody of this song called Pregnant and I Know It. When I saw this it made me smile, and laugh my butt off. To all you moms to be, you are gorgeous! ENJOY =)

Lesson Learned: Pregnancy is beautiful!


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