What’s Going On Upstairs?

I had mentioned to a friend that I was absent-minded, forgetful, etc. She immediately said, “It’s pregnancy brain.” What? I shrugged it off because I thought it was more of a convenient excuse and a term that people used to not make a pregnant woman feel stupid. I was wrong!

Recently, I went to Target in the afternoon to make a few copies of our ultrasound photos for a family member. I used the machine that prints the copies right away. When you’re ready to print the machine makes you enter your first and last name as well as your phone number. I was confused as to why I had to enter my phone number seeing as I was printing the photos right then and there. I shrugged it off though. Later in the evening I received a phone call and message from the man who was behind the photo center counter about one of my photos. Apparently I left one of our precious ultrasound photos under the scanner! This was where my hand smacked my head and I start shaking my head in disbelief that I am so crazy. This man was so kind. He kept the picture safe and I was able to pick it up the following day. Whew! I didn’t even realize it was missing. It was this experience that made me want to learn more about this supposed pregnancy brain.

An interesting WebMD article discusses whether or not pregnancy brain is real, reasons for pregnancy brain, and what pregnancy brain feels like. The article was informative and from what I gather pregnancy brain is very real. Lately, I feel like I would forget my own head if it wasn’t attached to my body. I have walked into my kitchen numerous times and stood there dumbfounded because I couldn’t remember why I walked in there. Luckily, kids go back to school in a week and then I will have plenty of people to help me, remind me, and hopefully forgive me.

While researching I found out that there is also something called daddy brain. Oh yes! This is a thing. Check out the USA Today article, Dad’s Hormones Change Too During Pregnancy. This article is fascinating. The male brain goes through a lot of changes.

Check out what these dads have to say about it all in this video from the Today Show.

Lessons Learned: Not only is pregnancy brain real but it turns out daddy brain is a real thing too. 


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