Giving Tuesday

Thanksgiving is over and not only am I thankful for the amount of food that was on the table but I am also thankful to have leftovers. Black Friday has come and gone. In Canada we celebrate Dec. 26th, Boxing Day, which is the biggest shopping day fo the year. However, I don’t think it is anywhere near as outrageous as Black friday in the States. I cannot believe that some stores open at midnight and that people actually rush to them. Is acquiring this much “stuff” necessary? I will not lie. I did go shopping on Black Friday. Wes and I actually worked for the first half of the morning. We went to Firehouse for lunch and then decided we would hit up two stores, Barnes and Noble and Rack Room Shoes. We both love BN and I had a coupon for the shoe store so we figured we would see what they had. We spent an hour in BN, which is always easy to do. I love that store. However, we walked out with nothing in hand. At Rack Room Shoes we both got a pair of shoes and used the coupon. Wes’s shoes were 50% off. Score! Then, we headed home. While I enjoyed the two stores we went to I still don’t understand how people shop from dusk until dawn on Black Friday. I recently read an article that stated people will spend an average of $350-$400 shopping on Black Friday. On what?! Do you realize you and your spouse/ partner could enjoy a fabulous cruise for that amount of money?

Now, enough venting. I am writing this post not to vent about Black Friday, but to inform you of a delightful new idea called Giving Tuesday. I just learned about this event this morning. It is a perfect end to this fall holiday. Non-profits across the country are encouraging people to give to a charity of their choice on Tuesday, November 27th, 2012. Click here to go to the website for Giving Tuesday. I am not sure about other states but in Northeast Florida you can go to to find a charity you would like to donate to. There are tons to choose from! You can search by organization or cause.

For a some inspiration I leave with you Ben Harper’s With My Own Two Hands. Spread the word about Giving Tuesday!

LESSON LEARNED: Giving Tuesday is phenomenal! Join the movement.


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