First Time Flyer Alert


Obviously, I am already slacking with my new goal. In my defense, we were out of town visiting family. Baby Conrad went on a plane for the first time! It was very exciting. His parents may have been more excited than him. We went from Jacksonville, FL to Dallas, TX. Then, from TX. to Arkansas. Conrad did so much better than I thought. He’s a born pilot!

First of all, packing for an infant is an in depth process. Wes and I of course made a list. Lists are key to successful packing! I learned that lesson a long time ago. Picture how much you would need to pack for yourself if you were going away for a week and  then triple it. This kid had a ton of luggage! Some of his stuff took up a third of our suitcase. Then, we carried the diaper bag, car seat, and stroller on the plane. Plus, Wes had a backpack and I had my purse. Luckily we had Uncle Ian (Wes’s brother) with us which was helpful. Whew!


Conrad fell asleep the minute we boarded the plane. He woke up 30 minutes later and was all smiles. What do you like to do during a flight or during a layover in an airport? Read a book? Listen to your favorite songs? Play a game? Sleep? Oh yes please! Sleep would have been so pleasurable. When you have an infant you don’t do any of those relaxing things. Conrad wanted to play! He wanted to play on the plane and play during our 3 hour layover in Dallas. It’s kinda hard to maintain a routine while travelling. Baby boy did sleep right through the flight from Dallas to Arkansas.


On the flights back Conrad had trouble sleeping and therefore was quite cranky. Plus, he is teething and the poor little guy has been having a tough time. The first tooth looks like it could be showing up any time. Stay strong little one!

Throughout our journey I was very impressed with other people: travelers and airline staff. Most people were very accommodating and understanding. We only received one evil eye from some guy when one of Conrad’s toys made a noise. I have much respect for all who travel with an infant or infants. I know and have seen on several occasions one parent traveling with two kids. These people are my heroes! The woman sitting behind us on the flight from Dallas to Arkansas had a four month old and a toddler. Give that woman an adult beverage! Cheers!

Lesson learned: Flying with an infant requires careful planning and patience.


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