Motivated Monday: Yoga for the Soul


Happy Monday! It has been almost two years since I went to yoga. Ridiculous, I know. This past weekend I made it my mission to attend seeing as I am finally feeling better after being sick for a month. Ugh! Lululemon offers free yoga at the town centre on Sundays at 9:30 am. Yes, it is free! I have to admit I had the urge to press the snooze, but I didn’t. I got my butt out of bed. I filled my tummy with cereal and vanilla greek yogurt and headed off to my workout. I am happy I did because it was so enriching. I had forgotten what yoga does for me. 


It was as if the teacher could read my mind. Before our warm up she made it a point to tell us to breathe. She instructed us to focus on ourselves and not look around the room, especially at all the cool products in the Lululemon store. It’s funny because before she said this I was doing just that. Lululemon has some beautiful products. It is easy to get distracted.

So I breathed a lot! It is important that you take long deep breaths during yoga, which I have forgotten how to do. I definitely need some practice. We did a lot of back bending as well as the regular downward and upward facing dog positions. Throughout the whole class she said so many important things. Usually when you are in a class you take notes, right? Well, I do. You can’t take notes in yoga class! The nerd in me wanted to break out a pen and paper so bad. It’s kinda hard to take notes in a table position though. The teacher said so many motivational things as well as things to keep you calm and focused. 

kittie yoga

One thing that stuck in my head was, “You are right where you are supposed to be and doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing. It took me 30 years to figure this out.” She proceeded to say how we shouldn’t worry about our to do list. Her words hit home. It took me almost as long to realize that too. Those who know me well know how much I always craved for an escape from reality and took it any chance I could get, sometimes disappearing and possibly worrying those close to me. When the teacher said those words I thought, you are so right! I am so blessed to have a loving and supportive circle of friends and family. 

When I left yoga yesterday I felt so refreshed, ready to take on the world. I will definitely be heading back next Sunday. Here’s to a motivational Monday!

LESSON LEARNED: Don’t wait so long to go back to yoga!



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