Here’s to Women


March is Women’s History Month and tomorrow is International Women’s Day. Our ancestors have been through a lot! We are blessed that they made so many sacrifices. Because of all the women before us we have freedom and strength. This year’s theme is Celebrating Women of Character, Courage, and Commitment. Here’s to all women out there and THANK YOU!

Watch this video about women all over the world, past and present. I learned a few things from watching this.

Who are the women you look up to? Who do you know that is a symbol of good character, courage, and commitment?

My grandmothers continue to be a huge inspiration to me. Memories and stories of their strength and courage are what motivates me to be a strong woman.

Keeping in mind all the beautiful and strong women in the world let’s make it a point to take extra special care of our young girls. They will be women one day.

Click here to read an article about several women from Citi Bank and their advice to young women. I love this article and appreciate their words of wisdom.

Here in Jacksonville we have a ton of people who are working with organizations to help our young girls. See some listed below. Click on them to go to their website and learn more. Please check them out. Lately, I have been volunteering with Junior Achievement for Girl$, which has been a great experience. Through them I have been able to connect to other organizations that help young girl$ such as Pace Center for Girls and Youth Sanctuary. Additionally, I am now working with Girls Inc. and assisting with a program that focuses on image and health. I didn’t realize how many young girls need our help. It is sad how many at risk girls there are right now just in our city. After reading the “Blue Sweater” I thought I needed to travel to a third world country in Africa to make a difference. After studying at Drexel and learning about the youth in our community I realize it is vital that I try to help those locally, “in my back yard.”

1. Re-threaded

2. Junior Achievement for Girl$

3. Girls Inc.

4. Pace Center for Girls

5. Youth Sanctuary

Here is this year’s United Nations music video in honor of International Women’s Day.

LESSON LEARNED: Local girls need our help. Let’s help them succeed!


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