Why Kids Hate School


I don’t know very many kids that like going to school. I know I hated school when I was younger. Nikhil Goyal is a genius of an 18 year old who has had the courage to speak out about education. He has been through the public education system and can point out its weaknesses. I love hearing what a student has to say about the education system. An owner of a business wants to make sure that their customers are satisfied. Customers review products, business owners listen, and adjust their business so as to satisfy the customer in hopes of making more money. If we want to have a successful economy in the future perhaps we should listen to the current customers in schools, the STUDENTS! They are the ones that will learn what is needed to drive the economy of our country. That being said it is unacceptable to “hate” something without constructive criticism. One must be able to explain in detail why they don’t like something and hopefully, have an idea as to how to solve the problem. Critical thinking is a vital skill!

In this TED Talk Nikhil Goyal explains why he hates school and offers great solutions to some of the biggest problems in education. He states we need, “citizens that are active in our democracy.” “Kids should learn by doing, and experiencing.” “Education is a process of living not a preparation for future living.”

Goyal points out that when we are under 5 we learn by doing. This really rang true now that I have a one year old who learns everyday by doing. We read books too. I am not trying to say that books should be taken out of the classroom. I always told my students that I was not a fan of the textbook but sometimes it is necessary that we study parts of it. I tried to get my students out of the classroom for a field trip or to the computer lab whenever possible. However, due to testing schedules we could only take field trips after April and it was hard to reserve a computer lab due to the amount of testing being done on computers nowadays. Yes, there are tons of hands on activities that can be done in the classroom, but students are stuck in classrooms all day at 90 minutes per class period. It would be great to get out of there and explore. I believe experiential learning is an incredibly effective way to learn. Goyal said, “the future belongs to the curious.” How many of you were that kid who constantly asked why? The best way to fully understand the answer to your questions  is to experience the answers.

Goyal quotes Seth Godin: “When enough of us act, the system will have no choice but to listen, emulate and rush to catch up.”

My favorite quote from Goyall: “WHEN YOU STOP LEARNING YOU STOP LIVING.”

Lesson Learned: The education system is not perfect. What are you going to do about it?


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